The 2014 FRC Game: Aerial Assist

Aerial Assist Poster

January 7, 2014
by Ciara L.

Are you ready for this year's game?! Because we are! This year's game, Aerial Assist, is very unique because it involves more communication with the alliances. We asked Jacqueline, a freshmen new to robotics, what she thought of the game. "To be honest, it seems difficult..but it's doable." Jeremy, a mentor and former member describes his view "I love that game, it sounds super fun. There's only one game piece, and you don't have any distractions. Any team can win."

Overall, we are very excited about Aerial Assist.

For a more elaborate view, here is the video animation for this years game.

Goals for this Week

  • Finish building prototype intake
  • Finish building prototype manipulator
  • Finish drive train